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A seminar on Efficiency in Maritime Operations.


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Ship-Shore-Ship Communication - Vivian Quenet, VP APAC Sales, KVH Industries Pte Ltd

Navigating with ECDIS - Troels Bording, Digital Sales Manager, Transas Marine Pacific Pte. Ltd

VDR Data Management - Hans Ottosen , CEO, Danelec Marine A/S

Marine Innovation Seminar 2016

Lunch with the Norwegian Ambassador 2016

We are now living in an era that, not very long ago, seemed to be futuristic. Many of us realize that we are already dealing with “Internet of Things” and related “Big Data” in our maritime industry - even while discharging our routines of managing the ships that trade worldwide. It is thus in our interest to delve a little deeper and, as an industry, introspect the technologies that surround us.

There is no one right formula for setting the right expectations but a relatively broad spectrum can definitely be defined. We invite you to engage in a discussion on operational efficiencies that can be mined from the technologies that exist on board your good vessels, especially on – navigating with ECDIS, Effective ENC Management, VDR Data Management and Ship-Shore-Ship communication.


Navigating with ECDIS

As per an estimate, at least 50% of all SOLAS vessels have now adopted ECDIS as their primary means of navigation and many companies are now at the final stages of settling down with the procedures related to ECDIS navigation. The slow migration to paperless navigation leads to new set of challenges;

  • What should be the return on investment on the ECDIS? How do we measure this?
  • How should one ensure that the ECDIS has a latest SW on board? How should one track new regulatory requirements?
  • What should the maintenance routine be? What should be a realistic budget for this?
  • Charts management – costs, updates?

Transas Marine, the world leaders in ECDIS, will make a presentation covering such topics and will be open to discuss any issues that the industry may be currently facing.


Effective ENC Management

Having ventured into the ECDIS era, some companies find it a challenge to efficiently manage ENCs on board. In general, it is observed that ships’ are ordering ENCs that are about 30% more than what is required for safe navigation. Hence, there exists a potential saving of at least 30% that can be achieved.

  • How do we ensure that Masters’ order only ENCs they need, just in time?
  • How do we ensure ENCs are kept updated at all times for safe navigation?

TRANSAS / KVH will present a possible solution for efficient management of charts and updates.


VDR Data Management

S/VDR has had its permanent place on the bridge of your good vessels for at least half of the last decade. The data recorded therein has lately gained much more emphasis and right from a near miss to a real incident, this data is sought for analysis - internally by the company and externally by competent authorities.

  • Does the ship staff find retrieving this data a challenge? Is there an efficient way of dealing with this data?
  • We realise that preceding an incident, there are at least 15 near misses. Can this fact be used to actually prevent an incident?
  • There is a lot of vital data that S/VDR stores. Can we deploy efficient means for retrieval and transfer of this data ashore to enhance safety and cost efficiency of ship operations?

Danelec Marine, a leading manufacturer of S/VDRs will present an interesting solution that complements the existing S/VDRs on board to create a system that can generate unique possibilities of enhanced safety and efficiency of ship operations.


Ship-Shore-Ship Communication

In this age of instant connectivity, there exists an ever growing need for ship-managers to get access to crucial data related to vessel operations. This need is fuelled by the widespread availability and decreasing costs of satellite communication links between ships and shore. Operational efficiencies demand ship managers to use innovations in big data analytics, automation and video streaming, and the key to unlocking this potential is more data exchange between ship-shore-ship.

  • Analyse your communication bandwidth requirements. When should one shift to VSAT?
  • Is VSAT communication really expensive? Should you continue with your existing communication system on board?
  • Ka band, Ku band, L band – what do they really mean and how do they fit in your communication portfolio?

KVH, world leader in maritime VSAT and probably the only company that manufactures the most advances VSAT antennae and also provides airtime will highlight some misconceptions that exist in some minds and present clear and crisp solution, after all communication is their speciality!


Seminar Date: 5th MAY 2016

Seminar Venue: Legends Ballroom, Hotel Fort Canning, 11 Canning Walk, Singapore 178881.

2016-05-05 14:00:00 2016-05-05 19:30:00 Australia/Perth Technology Highway EFFICIENCY AHEAD A seminar on Efficiency in Maritime Operations Legends Ballroom, Hotel Fort Canning, 11 Canning Walk, Singapore 178881 Marine Innovation

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